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    Physio By Video (Online Consultations):

    With the emergence of the Corona virus many changes to the way businesses operated happened quickly around the world. The option of online consultations was one that we put into practice swiftly when it became obvious that many people would prefer to be treated in the comfort and safety of their own home, rather than attending an in-clinic consultation. It has proved to be a fantastic option not just for those locals keen to remain at home, but also for patients away on holiday or residing overseas who wish to have a consultation.

    The advantages of Physio by Video are as follows:

    • It is perfect for those practice social distancing and wishing to remain in their own home for appointments.
    • It requires no travel time and no parking, so is a better use of your time.
    • It is great for those people with mobility issues who find it hard to get to the physio.
    • It is ideal for people who live in remote/rural areas or even overseas.
    • A thorough and professional assessment can be carried out in much the same way as during an in-clinic consultation.
    • Treatment, whilst not hands-on, is still highly effective and involves a range of interventions including advice and education (both verbal and emailed), reassurance, movement/posture modification, and exercise prescription (for the home or gym).
    • It promotes patient empowerment, putting you in the driver’s seat as much as possible.
    • It is backed a numerous scientific studies supporting its effectiveness.
    • It works out a little more cost effective as we have priced the sessions at a lower cost, despite many health funds still offering the same rebate.

    To hear a little more about how Physio by Video works at our clinic, watch this video..

    Preparing for your online-consultation:

    • Try and find a quiet room, with good lighting and plenty of space behind you so as you can be observed moving (eg. bending, lifting, squatting, laying).
    • Wear comfortable clothing which is suitable for a physical assessment of the relevant body part/s. For example, with a hip or knee problem, shorts are ideal. For a female shoulder assessment a singlet or sports bra would be suitable.
    • Equipment to have available which may be used include: a chair, a yoga mat or towel, some weighted objects (eg. a can of baked beans, a water bottle).

    Additional information:

    • We use a secure platform called Physiapp which is really easy to use and requires basically no tech knowledge. We just send you a link and you click it, and we begin.
    • Appointment times offered are 45 minutes for an initial consultation, 30 minutes for a standard follow up appointment, and 15 minutes for a quick ‘booster session’ if you are doing well and simply require a short check-in and some exercise progressions.