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    Pain Management

    Whether it be a new onset of pain (acute) or a persisting (chronic) and complex presentation, you are in good hands at Whole Health Physio. Both types of pain (acute and chronic) can be extremely uncomfortable and concerning for a patient. At Whole Health Physio, in the initial consultation we aim to precisely assess the causative factors behind your pain, providing you with a clear diagnosis, an easy to follow treatment plan, as well as beginning treatment there and then in your first session.

    Our philosophy at Whole Health Physio is to keep physiotherapy sessions to a minimum where possible, while providing you with the highest level of care, promoting the fastest possible recovery. We believe patient empowerment is critical in achieving this, and so you will be encouraged to take an active role in your recovery along the way.

    Treatments used in managing your pain may include:

    • Information and education on your condition and effective self-management.
    • Exercise rehabilitation prescription.
    • Joint mobilisation and manipulation.
    • Posture and movement modification
    • Soft tissue massage.
    • Dry needling.
    • Taping.