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    Exercise Rehabilitation

    With an initial degree in Exercise Science, and a recent Masters in Sports Physiotherapy, Scott is highly skilled in being able to provide you with an exercise program to ensure the best outcome is achieved as quickly as possible.

    Exercise programs are always individualised and goal specific, and can be highly effective in addressing issues relating to: 

    • Injury prevention.
    • Injury rehabilitation.
    • Pain management.
    • General mobility and flexibility.
    • Strength and Conditioning.
    • Functional rehabilitation.
    • Balance and falls prevention.
    • Pre and Post Op.
    • Improved movement efficiency.

    Scott’s expertise in exercise prescription along with access to a fully equipped private (1 on 1) rehab gym will ensure the most appropriate, personalised and goal specific program is created and prescribed to you. All patients will have free access to cutting edge, app based software (see https://www.physiapp.com) so that you will never forget what exercises to do, or how to do them.