We offer a broad range of physiotherapy services. Please click the links below for more information.

Musculoskeletal pain and injury management:

Whether it is arthritis, a bad back, or neck pain, many body parts can suffer from general aches and pains. The physiotherapists will use precise assessment and effective treatments to help you overcome your pain and restore function as easily and as soon as possible.

Sports injury management:

Many injuries can occur when playing sport. Using accurate assessment, some of the following treatment techniques listed below may be used to ensure a speedy recovery.

Chronic pain management:

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that has been present daily for more than 3 months. This type of pain generally requires a particular approach which involves the physiotherapist and patient to focus a little less on the tissues which may have been initially injured, and to use a more holistic approach.


We utilise a number of techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and soft tissue release to cause effective lasting relaxation of tight muscles.

Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation:

After appropriate assessment, these techniques may be used to produce greater mobility in a joint and to reduce pain. Joint mobilisation involves oscillating movements being applied to a joint over a time period, whereas joint manipulation is when a high velocity thrust is applied to a joint resulting in a "pop" or "crack" sound.

Clinical Pilates and Individualised Rehab Programs:

With many years of experience in teaching rehabilitation for all walks of life we can tailor a program to suit you and your lifestyle. Utilising Clinical Pilates techniques, stretching, general strengthening, and balance exercises, you will get the best all round program.

Core Stability Exercises:

To promote better functional control of a joint or body area. This promotes efficient movement with fewer loads, reduces pain and increases function.

Dry Needling:

The insertion of acupuncture needles into trigger points, fascia, and ligaments to cause an inhibition/relaxation effect of the soft tissue.

Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation:

With many orthopaedic operations, surgeons will expect the patient to perform both prehabilitation (before the op) and rehabilitation (after the op) to ensure the best possible result is achieved.

Postural Correction and Work Station Adjustments:

Whether a heavy bag, studying, working at a computer, or up a ladder. The position we hold our body in affects the load we put on it and the amount of work it has to do. Usually the more load, the more likely injury is to occur. We can provide an understanding of posture and teach strategies to improve it.

Thermal Therapy:

The use of heat or cold to increase or reduce blood flow to an area, depending on the desired effect. We can apply this therapy in the clinic, and also advise you on the best self-management strategies.


Incorporates various modalities which are used in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. These include ultrasound, interferential, TENS, and electrical nerve stimulation. These treatments can be used to reduce swelling, spasm and pain, and to improve tissue healing and muscle activity.

Appropriate referrals:

Whenever it is appropriate we will refer to GPs, specialist medical practitioners, and other allied health professionals (such as podiatry or occupational therapy). Imaging referrals such as x-rays and MRIs can also be arranged when required.

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Whether it is arthritis, a bad back, or neck pain, many body parts can suffer from general aches and pains. We can help!
Sports Injuries
We are able to offer a range of treatments to ensure a speedy recovery.
We have a fully equipped and cutting-edge rehab gym which is used to get you back to being your strongest and fittest self as quickly as possible.

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